Its the weekend, and there is this possibility that I won't have to work until Monday. But it is a small one, considering I've been paged twice tonight already. Big Brother does its job, all too well.

Meanwhile, at least I made it out of the office and back to my bachelor pad. Once again I'm reminded of one advantage to not spending very much time at home: the mess accumulation is slow once the place is clean. Since my mom visited a few (couple? several? Time has blurred) weeks ago, my place is in a mostly clean state. No, my mom didn't clean my place. I cleaned it before she came to visit.

Tonight, another weird TV commerical. Its about this guy talking about how his wife used to wear sexy panties, and now she wears cotton panties, and how he is comforted by this fact. I was thinking, "Okay, underwear commercial, maybe a cotton commercial.". Nope. It was a Diet Coke commercial. Go figure.