Some of my friends and I had a great time at this place close to my work called Flat Top Johnnie's. We got there about 5pm and ended up leaving about 11:30...the beer was good and we laughed a lot. It was really great.

Our waitress was pretty quiet, until she decided to clean our ashtray, and ended up spilling it on the guy next to me. Not only did she apologize, but all of the sudden she was a lot more friendly. I think she was having a very busy night; it looked like her and one other person was waiting on the whole place, and there were probably like 80 people there.

At one point we were even ready to leave...we paid our bill and then sat for another 15 minutes, finishing off what we thought was our last drink. Then someone said they wanted another and we ended up with another round...then another friend and his SO shows up...heh heh, that got us all going again, and we ended up ordering more food at that point.

I can remember having these types of good times a lot more often, when I was back in school. We would sit at Taco Cabana or someplace else that stayed open late and had outdoor tables. Nowadays, these lengthy good times come less often (I think we are all busier) so I appreciate them that much more.