So, GoodKingNerdnor, could we summarize the philisophical aspect of your attraction by saying "you care for her because she doesn't care that you don't care"? But seriously contgratulations on finding someone. Just watch out for the DPS on your road-trips.

I wonder when I'm going to get tired of eating fast food. Tired enough, that is, to start cooking and taking it to work. Fast food is not all that much more expensive for me, in terms of time-expenditure. I'm sure, though, that it is not healthy, and I've heard that the fast food industry is kinda on the shady side in some ways. (I could be wrong on that, and obviously I'm not super convinced, or I wouldn't still be eating it).

I had good dreams last night... I don't remember them well enough to write them down in dream logs, but I do know that I was irritated to get a page and have to fix something for work. This is a good thing, this dreaming thing, I think I'm finally getting good solid rest, and that the investment in my new bed is paying off.