Today two of my co-workers were out of town. Since there are 3 of us, my load increase significantly. I enjoy them being gone (it is quieter), but there is so much to do I hope they hurry back

Everyone at work seems to be moving [from one apartment to another). There have been a lot a recent vacations, and people seem to be taking off early enough to catch a little sun.

Another couple of pharmacy robberies related to Oxycontin were reported in tonight's news. How sad.

I am hugely surprised by the Massachusetts excise tax bill I received on my truck. Ouch, all in one painful chunk. And I was irked when I found that under MA law, Brookline gets the money. I am tempted to let my insurance company and Cambridge know that my truck is usually [parked in Cambridge, so shouldn't Cambridge get my excise tax?

must sleep....