Well Rancid Pickle, congratulations on your new house. I hope it works out well for you.

Meanwhile, here in Boston, I am fuming at BestBuy.com.

Anyhow, first I went to another online store I usually go to. I wanted to buy my parents a new modem. This first place said backordered. So I went to my backup, this unnamed second place. They said "in stock, ships in 2-3 days", and I paid the extra $12 to get it there overnight. This was on July 4, so I expected: nothing today, its a holiday. Ship on July 6, get to Mom & Dad by 7th or 8th. Worse case, ship on 9th, get there by the 10th.

The 7th came and went. No problem. Then I check on the 9th. I'm irritated but intend to check the next day. Then life gets busy and I forget about it. Tonight I check the status of my order on the web site and it says "backordered". Bah!

Anyhow, after 20+ minutes on hold, I cancelled my order. Back to the store.

I finally have a use for one of those online follow-up surveys!