A co-worker set up the first batch of our new VA Linux boxes )yes, we ordered them before we hear the news). He also hooked up a VA-100 to them... What a sweet site! Some very nice processing power (they are all dual-1GHz Pentium III's with 2 or 4 GB RAM). Now I get to install our applications and watch them rock during some pounding/performance tests I'll do.

Meanwhile, a different co-worker whom I'm dog & house sitting for has a nice house...and his Cat-5 outlets scattered throughout the house, near nice comfy couches have made for a relaxed yet productive day between me and my laptop.

I also got to go out and walk the dog over by the river again. This was before the rain we got, thankfully. There were lots of people by the river, and the dog had a great time too.

This day of relative quiet has had me thinking some about my life. However, I have not came to any grand conclusions. I am not sure if this is a bad or a good thing. I guess that I am kinda coasting along, or some might say I'm in a rut. I have not gotten around to an exercise program, nor any significant diet improvements (other than cutting back on salt). I'm just not interested. My social life has picked up, though...maybe once I get fully back into that scene, I'll start to care more.

I'm looking for a book that grabs my interest, that makes me want to keep reading it. It has been a while since I've had a book keep me reading like that....I miss it. Reading was always one of the things that helped keep my life a little bit balanced. Right now, I'm so into work that I am getting a little dull, I'm afraid. Heck, I'm not even going to go back to my past day logs, because I bet they are 70% or more about my job. Sigh. But its not that bad--I'm content.