Well thank goodness the week is finally over. I should have gotten more sleep this week...worked less, exercised more, etc. etc.

It should be an interesting weekend. I am house-sitting for someone at work, and he has a beautiful house. It is 3 floors with a loft, lots of wood, a jacuzzi... And I'm also dog sitting. Her name is Labita, and she is some type of German Shepherd mix. She is very nice. We went for a walk tonight out near the Charles River, and it was very relaxing.

I was a bit surprised when the guy's brother came over, scared the hell out of me because he let himself in and I didn't know he was coming. But I was just watching TV and got over it pretty quick...he just needed to pick up some of his stuff.

Not all is perfect, I slipped on the stairs and fell right on my rump, which now hurts like all get out. Hopefully the jacuzzi will ease the pain a little ;-)

Sunday I am going to a Texas A&M summer picnic. It should be pretty fun. I hope that it doesn't rain, that seems to be my luck on weekends when I have fun stuff planned. We'll see!