Last night, we in Boston had a little bit of snow. This morning, it was raining slush balls from the trees. Quite funny. Not as amusing were the ice bombs falling from the trees when I got off the T. I guess it is colder in Cambridge.

I had to say "Ahem. I told you so", so I didn't say it. Well, not to my boss, anyhow. He had been predicting that I would flop during my talk to the customer. Yes, I know it must sound like my boss is an asshole. I didn't say he was an asshole. Just that it must sound like he is. Anyhow, my boss doesn't like my approach. He doesn't like my personality. (Oh, in case you're wondering, I guess that I have as many problems as anyone else, including being a jerk at times, I'm sure.) And, he is always making jokes about me in front of me AND others.

Ugh. I want Friday to be her NOW. I want summer to be here NOW. Heck, while I'm asking for the impossible, I'd like to be in Las Vegas right now.

Okay, I guess I'll settle for a cold beer.