A happy Valentine's Day for me? Well, it is much better than last year's. That was almost as bad of a story as my a very short wedding ring story, and definitely consistent:

My ex had said she didn't like V-day, and didn't want anything. I know you're supposed to listen to women, but I didn't think you should take them literally when they say things like that. Especially when it was our first V-day together.

So, I went and bought her various little gifts and I also bought her some earrings. She didn't buy me anything, which didn't bother me, but she complained about my gifts to her, which really irked me. Ugh.

Anyhow, today I at least listened to my inner voice that said shut up during this conversation going on during a meeting:

Co-worker: I hate ABC Co. They are the bane, wait a minute, does bane of my existence mean I they are bad?
Boss: (with a completely straight face, as if he is serious) No, bane means good.
Co-worker:Oh, hmmm. Oh! They are a thorn in my side!
(I stay silent).