I am driving, by myself, in some small vehicle. I feel as if I am very close to the front of it, like there isn't much between me and the road. I'm being chased, but I don't think about that as much as worry about losing control, because I'm going so fast. What's worse, I never seem to slow, not even when turning.

I'm on this interstate highway for a long time, then I sense that whoever is chasing me is getting closer. So I decide to go off-road. Now, I am on a narrow path that has lot of holes and gaps, yet I somehow manage to jump over them or avoid them.

On and on this goes. Sometimes I'll get back on to the main road, other times I'll be going the wrong way on an entrance ramp, meanwhile my foot seems like it is stuck to the floorboard.

Then it ends. This is a reoccurring dream for me, sometimes I can see who is chasing me, sometimes not.