What an interesting and wonderful month! I was encouraged strongly, not by my boss, but by my boss's boss, to take Christmas off. Why, you ask, was I even considering not taking Christmas off? Well, we're (at my company, in my department), under a lot of deadline pressure).

Anyhow, most of my family was together over Christmas, except for my sister and brother-in-law, who are in Germany until September, at which time he is going to be transferred to Missouri. (For the curious, he is one step over the infantryman, but it does not necessarily help his safety in the Army... he is in the group that goes and builds bridges and blows up mines ahead of the infantry... Yikes!!!!

Thursday, I was able to see the Olympic Torch and carrier...it was exciting! They passed about two blocks from my work, and I went with several other people from work, and we were right there.... we saw the (cute) young woman get out of the van, then she jogged a few yards back (with the unlit torch...out of our view...) and took the "handoff". Then she jogged past us.... we all cheered :-) and it was WONDERFUL!!!!! I was 10 feet away!!! I'll never forget it. :-D