Damn it is hot here in Boston. I finally broke down and put in a window unit, and running that full-blast has brought my room's temp down to 80F. Not spectacular but I can at least sleep. But still am required to sweat when going to bathroom, kitchen, or living room. And still grouchy, snapped at roommate's friend (one of two friends, actually) who is getting living here rent-free. This guy took my clothes out of the washer and put them in the drier (this was #1 -- we usually just take the clothes out wet and put them on top if the other guy is too slow). But the thing is, he put them on high heat. Fine -- but these were my shirts. I did apologize to the guy for snapping at him, but damn, be a little careful if you're living in someone else's place. When myself & roommate #2 agreed to let roommate #3 have these guys stay in the guest room, we didn't ask for rent but suggested they clean part of the apartment. No dice. Ah well, if I complain now I can live with it for another few weeks. I'm not here very much anyhow.