Arguing about God usually a unproductive activity. At least, arguing whether or not God exists, that is.

My reasoning goes like this:

  • Most people who believe in God have one or more of the following beliefs (w/o the fancy words for them):
    1. God created the world
    2. God can do anything
  • AND, most people who believe in God also believe that God wants the "best" for people.
  • So if a believer thinks that arguing or advertising God's actual existence in a way so as to definitely convince everyone was the "best" thing for people, I would them the following:
    1. If you believe that God created the world, why didn't God arrange the stars to spell out the words "God Exists". Or plant islands in the sea spelling this out. Or put up some giant billboard on the moon. Black out the sun to form the words.
    2. If you believe that God can do anything, why doesn't God just zap people into believing? Why didn't Jesus just zap the letters into the sky, "I AM", in front of crowds? Why didn't Jesus perform miracles for Herod?
  • The answer (I think) is that...God wants people to figure out God's existence for themselves. What should be the role of a believer? Well Christ said our love for our neighbor would convince people of God's love. Spread the good news? Yes, by leading a moral life, by loving enemies (yikes! loving the nonbelieving sinner).
  • Why hasn't Christianity worked? What is the biggest problem with Christianity? Reportedly, Chesterton answered these questions with "It has never been tried" and "I am".