Amazing how time flies and things change

I have been reading over old daylogs and realize it has been 4 months since I have written one. Lots of things have changed:

  • my boss left the company, ending a long saga at work
  • we hired another team member (not a new boss), taking some of the load off of me
  • my annulment was granted, closing that chapter of my life
  • I moved into a new apartment

It is strange, having so many of my previous preoccupations "go away". I wonder how long before I get some goals set so I can start aiming for them....because if I don't, I'll just continue to work these ridiculous hours. At least I'm taking a vacation soon, to sunny LA, where my brother lives. That should be fun.

I don't write as much here as I used to, but I still like it here. I do miss some people who I used to see come in and out, they have been gone for over a year...