A 3-D Qix pseudo-clone by AxySoft, this video game is an excellent time waster.

Instead of the criss-crossing line as your enemy, there are a bunch of beach balls. You also have to contend with mines, which look like small balls with spikes. Similar to Qix, you paint the screen, but you appear to be a little helicopter. The balls are either hard or soft. The hard balls chip away at the part of the screen you have already painted, as does an advanced enemy (but this is only in the shareware version.

You have to get most of the screen painted, if you get more than some high percentage, the reported percentage goes over 100, and then you get bonus points. As the levels go up, there are more mines, more balls, and the pace is increased. There are 7 levels in the easy option, 10 in the classic, 15 in the modern (this is where the strange enemies start showing up), and 20 in the hard and extreme options.

The music, sound effects, and speech are well done, as are the graphics. I find this game a fun way to procrastinate.