One man meets two others on a beach. It is night time and it's raining very hard. The First Man has something important to thell the other two. They go in to the house belonging to the two men. It is a flimsy one room affair with sliding glass doors. The First Man tells the others of a terrific storm that's about to hit. A giant wave completely submerges the house. They desperately start swimming upwards through the darkness. The First Man can see the other two floating upwards, but they have a white cloth over their mouths. He knows they are dead. He breaks through the surface of the water, turns, and sees an enormous wet wall rushing towards him. I sense that this was only a foreboding dream dreamt by the lead character.

Two boys are on holiday on a small island, surfing. The island is really nothing more than a sand bar. There are no waves. The sea has been totally flat for days. Then the sea starts receeding and the weather becomes very rough. The father of one of the boys gets a call at the Center telling him where his son is. He sends out a helicopter, which arrives just in time to save them. The pilot tells the ship anchored by the island that the island won't even exist by the end of the day and that he should find somewhere safer as there's a gigantic storm coming. I realise this has all been a simulation and that the son is a lead researcher on the project.

A large organisation has been tracking storms all over the world, waiting for signs of a tidal wave. When the signs finally appear and the start of a tidal wave is found a large team of men is dispatched to disrupt it with explosives.

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