I hold the black man, the bad man, at bay with my gun. We are on top of a skyscraper. It is windy. We are by the railing. I tell him to throw the key, which is as large as a fist and made of several segments, in a flat, slightly curved shape, over the edge of he skyscraper so it can be destroyed. He does so, but feebly. It falls over the railing but lands on some tiles, a little below the top, near the edge.

My companion, a Chinese woman, then holds the Black Man while I climb over the railing to get the key. It is very windy, and I am incredibly scared of falling. With one hand on the railing I edge a little lower with one foot, then reach down with my hand and grab the key. I throw it down. It falls and shatters at the bottom.

Now I have to climb back up. I am so terribly afraid. I cling to the edge. Suddenly I can't tell up from down. I know I am holding on to the railing but which way do I move my feet? If I move the wrong way I know I'll fall. I tell the woman to let go of the Black Man and ask her to help me. She lets him go, and he runs back. I hope he doesn't find a weapon to use against us as we struggle. The woman grabs my hand and tells me which way to move. Slowly, still terrified and completely disoriented, I crawl back up to the top. It seems to take forever, but I make it.

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