My mother is walking around a garden, hanging up white clothes. I do not want to help her.

I am lying in the black dirt across form an Asian man. We are lying face to face with a wire fence between us. He is spitting a long stream of water in to my mouth, in order to humiliate me. I spit the water back in his eyes, knowing there would be terrible consequences. The water is acid. He clutches his burning eyes and face and screams. His family run out of his house. They are speaking a foreign language. One of them detaches himself from the group and comes over and kicks my prone body. I just lie there, accepting the fact that they're probably going to kill me, but still defiant.

A woman is screaming and running along the deck of an aircraft carrier below me. I see her through the wire fence on the dock. Soldiers run after her. One stops, fires, and runs again. She continues screaming and running, desperately. A shot finally hits and the soldiers are upon her.

A little child is also running away from the soldiers. He is nimble and quick, so the soldiers have a hard time keeping up. By now a crowd has gathered. They are cheering him on. I want to help or cheer him on also, but I am afraid. He climbs a wire fence enclosing a small private boat. There is a small opening at the top. It looks like he's going to make it. I am crying for joy. People are taking lots of pictures. One of them takes a close-up of my tear-drenched face.

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