My brother and I are climbing down the outside of a skyscraper, closing and locking windows. An orchestra inside one of the rooms doesn't like the noise we're making so it blows a horn at us. We go inside and I give squirt guns to the kids to go take revenge.

There is an eye mounted on a board. In front of it is a squirter or injector and some sensors. The eye is connected to a human. The board is surrounded by witnesses. I am asked by the Lady to judge the eye. I do so immediately, flick the switch, and it is finished. She is shocked by the abruptness of my action. She says that for something so important she would deliberate for quite some time. I am relieved of my duties.

While they're still talking and choosing my replacement I rush up the levels of the factory, turning on the fog faucets as I go. The whole lolwer part of the factory is shrouded in fog. Now I tell my loyal followers, the children, to start work.

One of them starts working at the main machine next to me. The machine bobs up and down in a depression in the factory floor, but it gets bogged down in this black, jelly-like substance that it produces. It is the job of the black child to work the machine free with a kind of squeegee. But it does not know how. So I start working at the machine to show it, pulling jelly out here and there.

Finally the children from the lower levels have started arriving. They are scared and confused by the fog. I give the signal to attack. My children start fighting. I leap down the stairs at a group of startled kids. A voice tells me to use both hands, so I open my arms as I crash land on top of the group, knocking them back down the stairs.

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