I am given the great honor of becoming a pilot. I am very excited by this opportunity. In a large WW2 airplane we fly to the base. We disembark and head for the center. The base is gigantic. There are lots of people walking every which way along walkways on every level. I walk by the Admiral, an enormously fat man, and his protégé who are in the midst of a conversation. The Admiral is very wise and there is much to learn from him. There is a huge pool, almost a river, far below us, in the lower level. It leads under a bridge and through the pool swims one of the aliens. He is translucent and stretches to an incredible length of over fifty feet as he swims under the bridge. Just then I meet a beautiful bird woman with fleshy feathers. I go to shake hands but she chastises me and reminds me that her species touch one another's breasts instead, which we then to do. This is quite arousing so I ask her: "Don't you know what this does to humans?" She emits a delighted, knowing laugh. Then I proceed to tell the aliens how the humans gawk at them and see this as a zoo. This is an alien concept to them but they are beginning to get it.