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NATO/Partnership for Peace Foreign Language Training Center, Ajsevica, Slovenija
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Well, what can I tell you? The salient feature of both my childhood and my so-called adult life has been constant movement; I have lived in a dozen different U.S. states and various countries outside my own. In the last ten years alone, I have moved 16 times. I both love and hate this. Obviously I enjoy the novelty of new places, but it becomes difficult if not impossible to brew quality beer or maintain lasting relationships with this perpetual motion.

I have a collection of rather pointless degrees and qualifications, in English, art history, linguistics, teaching, "human intelligence protocols," debriefing, hostage negotiation. When trying to choose what the hell to do for grad school, I very nearly decided to study brewing science instead of linguistics. But did not.

And nearly all of my decisions have been wrong.

I have earned my living variously as a teacher temp carpenter cook boatbuilder soldier newspaper reporter sandwich artist intelligence asset wall street type photocopier-delivery-guy salad boy...

And I could also tinker lamps & knives & pots wherever I went. Still can.