Can be found at This game is kinda' fun to play, especially if you like trivia. It diverges greatly from the board game though. You need to download and install a client to use it. Oh, and sell your soul to Sony. The game picks two opponents for you. Each time you get an answer correct you get a piece of the pie. You need to collect 4 pieces and then land in the center and get that question right to when. The center hub is a wild card and you (not your opponents) get to pick the category. You also get some freebies for clicking on ads. A "hub ticket" allows you to go to the center of the board instead of using your die roll. And there's a free roll freebie. You get to pick an avatar and the chat mode is set up to look like talk bubbles above each Avatar. The questions are mostly taken from the board game. While you occasionally may see repeats it's really not that bad in that respect. The game also keeps track of some statistics for you. The number of each type of question you've been asked and how often you got it right, your overall win percentage, and number of games.