One of the most resilient cities in all of Cartoonhood. The City of Townsville usually takes the brunt of the attack from whatever horrible creature appears on Cartoon Network's Powerpuff Girls. Many of the Powerpuff's enemies are Godzilla-sized and just as good (or even better) at destroying cities. They tear off and eat the tops of buildings, use rays of some sort to set them on fire, and stomp on various automobiles. It's not uncommon for the skyline of Townsville to resemble the bombed out city in Full Metal Jacket, or to be engulfed completely in flames. At some point the Girls manage to defeat the monster and The City of Townsville is saved once again...except for the raging fires and collapsing buildings.

The strange thing is that even though the people of Townsville are helpless to defend themselves from this constant plague of monsters, they can rebuild their city in a very short time period. The absurdity of constantly rebuiling an entire city to just have the it trashed again doesn't seem to phase them. Why don't they just move? And they don't seem to complain to their heroines about their inability to stop the city from being immolated either.

So, thank you, people of Townville, for providing the viewers of Powerpuff Girls all around the world with a fresh new city to be demolished every episode.