I always find it somewhat strange when someone complains about Christians being irrational, illogical and stupid and then back up their claims by showing that they don't know anything about the religion.

Iain does this splendidly and in that wonderfully pretentious/patronizing tone that's so common in the anti-religion nodes here. If a Bible Literalist actually reads his Bible they would only be lightly amused by this list. Especially if they've read the particularly "Christian" part of the Bible, the New Testament. Your entire list comes from Exodus and Leviticus, both part of The Law of Moses. These very specific rules and rituals were superceded by Jesus Christ (especially the sacrifices).

lagrange's "Bzzt. Wrong." is just great. While it's ridiculous for some Christians to believe strongly in something, it's ok for him to denounce the omniscience of God (or the Bible being the word of God) as being so wrong it necessitates a buzzer. I'd be interested in knowing how he came to this great truth.

So, what exactly bothers lagrange so much? That people "take their beliefs to such a stage that they will commit violence over them." Basically, "Gee, it's ok if you like this religion stuff, just don't REALLY believe in it." Any "Bible Literalist" should be a pacifist if they've actually read The Sermon on the Mount. Your main problem here seems to be with the Catholic Church, not with Christianity. Most acts of violence in the name of the Church have little to do with the Bible. If the Bible wasn't being twisted to support their campaigns something else would and these wars would still have happened.

In general, people here seem to hate racism, bigotry and the generalization of entire groups. But there seems to be little problem with doing this to the "dumb herd-minded Christian" stereotype.