I had some semi-interesting things happen recently, so I figured I should make an entry in my private by obscurity journal.

While I still haven't found a real job, I have stumbled onto a rather cool temp job. I'm now working at Fidelity Investments for 11.20/hr from 10pm to 8:30am, 4 days/week. I'm actually working in something of a mail room for a division of Fidelity. Mail comes in in trays, we remove the contents of the machine opened letters, and stick it in a bin. The cool thing is that mail only arrives three times a night and usually only takes 1 to 2 hours to process. So, that's like 6 hours of sitting around doing nothing. If they get around to giving us NT accounts, I might becoming a noding fool soon. They also don't care if you take your lunch break at the very end so you can leave early. Luckily, no one has caught onto the illegalities of this. They also don't pay attention or care how you handle you other 30 minutes of paid breaks. Sweet!

I'm now getting used to being up from 10pm to 8am so I have lots of time at night when I'm off to do whatever. That and a DSL connection ads up to lots and lots of noding!