I'd say the day log is a good place to put my 250th node, qualifying me for level 5. Now I can die in Peace.

I live in Northern Kentucky, so there isn't much "authentic" Mexican food around. But today my Mom took me to a small restaraunt that was actually ran by Mexicans and was at least more authentic than Taco Bell or the Tumbleweed. In the end I realised that this meant the food was more like what real Mexicans would eat. Blech. I'll take good old American-Mexican food anytime. Is it really that awful to like something that has been catered to be a bit closer to what you're used to? I suppose if I ate the real stuff more often I might grow to like it, but I'm not planning on doing that. I just know I'll feel guilty if I choose the Tumbleweed next time I'm in the mood for Mexican.

I got my car to a shop finally. It sat in a parking lot for like a week and a half for no good reason. My parents, and therefore me, are great procrastinators.

I'm hoping to attend a New Year's Eve party. My girlfriend and I attend a few parties a year. They're all actually put on by her friends, but since we've been together for 5+ years (Heh, 69 months on Christmas Day), they're all pretty used to me. These overnight parties are the only chance I get to spend the night with her until I get an apartment. Isn't that sad?

The main thing that will stop me is snow. Unfortunately, here in KY, a few inches is enough to shut everything down. This was great when I was in school, but it tends to suck now.