I'm almost certain that this is one of the signs of the Apocalypse, or maybe just the downfall of civilization.

The other wise-cracking fish is the "Funky Boogie Bass", or at least he sings that song: "I use batteries, not gas, I'm the funky boogie bass." Oh, yeah, and the smash hit, "Pretty Fishy" (yup, you guessed it, to the tune of "Pretty Woman").

I recently saw the Billy Bass at...umm...Carolina Pottery or something. I commented to my girlfriend on the type of people who would buy such a thing. When we left we saw the poster child for Poor White Trash buying one, I would guess, as an anniversary present for her lucky hubby.

This has spawned a whole slew of other crappy products. Singing fish skeletons for Halloween, singing Lobsters, singing dolphins, etc. When will it end?

If the idea of a talking, moving swordfish appeals to you, you should check out the wacky movie Loves Serenade.