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I am a 15 year old girl who love's to party party n i love to make storys and i love to listen to music i think that music is my life so deal with it! I love BOYS BOYS BOYS!!! I am accually dating right now and i am happy with my bf he is everything i ever asked for and he is nothing but a hole lotta loving. I would not giv him up for the world and thats what I think about him.
I also wanna let you know that i am an average body type 38b and i have blond hair blue eyes, i am kind when i wanna b and if u get on my bad side *which i dont think u wanna even go there* i love the out doors i hate being inside.
I love to go for a walk when i am angry and thats the only thing that will calm me down... unless it comes to smoking or drinking thats a different story but ya like i said i am a party girl.
I LOVE WEED! yes i dooo. I accually my first party or ever getting drunk off my ass was my bro's 18th b-day and it was kalua and fuck yes it was a blast n i think that was 2 yrs. ago buh hey who is askin? lol buh yeah and then i also wanna say when the 1st time i ever got baked was 2yrs. ago to lol buh hey iunno after tha i am like natural high so i dont even remember buh yeah.
I would also like to say that i think i am a heffer cuz u am so freaken fat!!! and thats one of the reasons why i am joining this thing buh ya yet people dont think i am i guess i am jus gunna go along with it buh yeah hey who is looking at me anyways. So i guess this is time for me to go bcuz i am pretty bored n tired as hell i g2g to school in tha mornin and everything so yeah hey if ya ever wanna know more bout meh then either e-mail me at or aim me at sexykityz . lmao wha a quaincadince huh lol buh yeah hey i g2g so holla at meh n tell meh a few things aight not that many people will read this buh hey iunno i am jus giving it a shot. Holla! ~angelia~ p.s. and no its not said angelina or angelica or some shit lik tha i realy kinda cant explian how it is pronounced buh hey its all good aight ttyl~