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Neurophysiologist, Web developer
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I lived in Russia, Siberia, in Irkutsk city that is located about 40 miles from a Great Baikal Lake. It is great because it is about 600 kilometers long and 40 kilometers wide and contains very clear fresh water. I was graduated from Irkust University in 1974 with Major in Biology. After graduation I worked for the same University for 11 years, conducting researches in neurophysiology and teaching students.
Since 1991, I live in the USA. In 2001 I was graduated from BMCC (NY) with major in computer science.
I like poetry and write poems in both languages: Rusian ans English.
I have many web sites: - web site about computer programming and web developement. - web site about medical science - my personal web site where I publish my poetry, humorous stories etc. - site where I and my friend, another Russian poet from New York are collecting the best Russian Poetry. - here every one can submit a story.