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Many people consider themselves to be vegetarian, yet also eat fish every day. Some also eat [chicken]. Some also eat [pork]. Some also eat [beef]. Some people who do not consider themselves to be vegetarian primarily eat [rice], [misho shiru], [natto], [tofu], [How Many Ways Can You Say "It's Stuff Made From Soy"?|yuba], seaweed and vegetables. Some people cannot exist on a vegetarian diet because of the allergies that [Jinmyo] mentions, and yet their basic approach to eating is vegetarian. Many women become [aenemic] on a vegetarian diet.

Perhaps some people think that being a [vegetarian] is [cool] just as some people think that being a [Buddhist] is cool because [Richard Gere] hangs out with the [Dalai Lama]. I think it is insulting and shallow however for it to be assumed that this is the motivatation behind someone such as [Jinmyo] to speak of themselves as a vegetarian. The quality of her nodes, the obvious time and effort that she has put into them, shows that she is not someone who is to be dismissed so lightly as Mr. [fustflum] has.

I have noded many [The Vegetarian Meals That Aren't Just Brown Gack metanode|vegetarian recipes] because vegetarian food can be wonderful if [protein] and [carbohydrates] are in balance, the ingredients are fresh and are cared for and presented as well as one can.

I think that it does not matter who is or is not a vegetarian. I also think that it can be confusing to eat [ethics]. Instead of taking up a stance I think it is more worthwhile to pay attention to what we eat and why. I think it is important to look into what we eat, what is involved in it becoming our own skin, meat, bones, and marrow. There is much [suffering] in this world. Some of it can be prevented. Most of it cannot. I think that how animals are bred, raised, transported, slaughtered, butchered is something that someone should look into and then do whatever seems [appropriate] or possible to them to do.

Perhaps you think differently.