DMan's assurance of the veracity of his tale was sparked by my query. Since it is the Cornell Green Society rather than something like the Cornell Chapter of the Church of the Sub-genius, I must assume them to be serious. This makes it even funnier.

DMan, when you have a chance, could you please post some representative passages from their literature on this campaign? Pretty please? And, if they have a web-site, an URL would be fun as well.

By the way, I often hug trees. I like them. I'm too old for hanging from branches and wouldn't want anyone to hang unexpectedly from one of my arms either. So I just give them a little hug from time to time. Or just run a hand over the texture of the bark. Especially in the spring, when the branches explode with tiny perfect green leaves as yet untouched by insects or curled by acid rain. As today.