Commonly known as "Nazis", just as the Weimar era German Socialists were known as "Sozis". Originally a worker's movement, after Adolf Hitler joined the Party and became a speaker, the political and social program of the National Socialists became more and more directed towards redressing the "crime" of the "stab in the back" at the highest levels of government that was legendarily blamed for handing Germany supine to the Allied Powers at the end of the First World War. This unfortunately also involved much more than this fantasy. The status and role of German Jews was inextricably woven into the conspiracy theory. One could go on and on. Anyway, after an abortive putsch, some relaxing and well-tended prison time for Hitler, the Party developed a massive public relations campaign. This involved, amongst other multi-media activities, Hitler flying from city to city in the space of a day. (This was called "Hilter Over Germany".) After winning a few seats in the Reichstag, the National Socialists entered into coalitions and eventually reached the point where Hitler was invited to become Chancellor of the Republic. Which ended the Republic. I would say, "the rest is history", but it was much worse than any other period of history.