September 9, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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Thus o dem bones, have thy servants gone forth into the nodefield, tidying, straightening, dusting.

A note to new editors: Please be careful around the E2 nuke request page. Remember that you cannot nuke a node, only kill it. If you try to help someone by killing off a node of theirs that they have listed, this is not the help they requested. If you kill old nodes by fled users suggested by other users that are listed there, please msg a god to delete the request entry. And, as before, please provide hardlinks to nodeshells left behind by your predatory behaviour so that they can be nuked. Thank you.

A note to the same old editors and gods: When a user posts an extensive catalogue of nodes to be nuked and you decide to tackle it, I think it would be useful to send a msg, at least to me, that this is what you're doing. If you would like me to notify you when I am doing this, please let me know. As you know, I think that co-ordination of our efforts is part of keeping E2 a safe and happy playground for ourselves and others.

Congratulations to whizkid on being newly appointed editor.

Into the Crypt I fling these nodes now uncared for and unloved.

Title changes, title changes, title changes.

Nodeshells (including wharfinger's).

Msgs, msgs, msgs.


  • aegis by aja!. Nov. 13, 1999. About a sweet guy she knew.
  • All by godling, all by request.
    • good music to have sex to
    • level 3
    • who's acting like a fucking troglodyte
    • Today's Assignment: Discuss the paradox "I am lying."
  • Hemingway on prozac by dharmaraja. As requested.
Msgs, msgs, msgs.

Title edits. Webster's edits.

So sorry to see you go, but you must:

  • Home-Thoughts, from Abroad by iain. By request.
  • Chumbawumba also by iain. By request.
  • Massenia by Anacreon. By request.
  • All by CentrX, all by request.
    • them crazy Brits
    • time travel
    • juliet's house
    • Anonymous
    • I like zero downtime
  • juliet's house by juliet. A response to Centrx's node.