September 5, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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Hear o dem bones, this has been done to glorify thy name.

Title changes, Webster fixes. Too trivial to mention.

Msgs of errant spelling and grammar, too numerous and wearying to recount.

The Crypt is open. I am waiting for requests.

  • Succoteague by The Custodian.
  • Fernando Po by Gleef. Gorgonzola says, "There is a more complete writeup at "Fernando Poo" which has the correct spelling anyway." And I always believe Gorgonzola.
  • Spilling salt; poll: thoughts on the sweater vest; First Post; #everything poll: How do you keep yourself amused when E2 is down? all by blaaf.
  • Nodeshells suggested by kubrickian and others.
  • Nodeshells left in Lord Brawl's wake.
  • Fled users: isolation, ivantk, isty, iceburg, intshredr
  • small children by ivey. I have not Brawl's compunctions. Still, there seems something dangerous pent up inside him.
  • Deleted user ivey and the shells left by Brawl: REALM Information Technologies; ivey.
  • I am becoming more and more concerned about Lord Brawl. I've deleted the following nodeless users that he hunted down: : indy, IamFear, Isando, infinitemadness, ivo, Innova, Ike, ivan, itp, Interlocutor, Isamu, inkyslay, impresario, ithompson, Ibbey, iago, irishmex, ihdloaxs, irbie, ineffible, ilken, i960153, ionwill, ilttyd, insanepc, inphlux, ic-viola, Irene.
  • Your radical ideas about XP Pack Rape have already occurred to others by everyone.
  • funnytoes "the node(-shell). Not the e2user. It's a pointless nodeshell." Requested by funnytoes, who was not nuked and is doing fine.
  • 100 by herbman. Requested by him. Just so.
  • Some more nodeshells, one requested by wharfinger. Some title edits, one requested by mblase. General Wesc suggested a few broken nodes.