September 29, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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O dem bones, the new server time day dawns. It is possible that by the time that it ends I will be functioning again within the nodegel. Until then such valiant entities as dannye, knifegirl, wharfinger and yet others will work for the good of the gel as they always do.

But ultimately, the good of the gel is at the mercy of the noders. The nodes and the writeups that trail from them and drift back and forth in the freegel are fashioned by the noders. If the noders do not care for the shape of their nodes then the gel becomes thickened and dark. If the nodes "suck" then the gel becomes distorted around them. Godusergroup and editorusergroup entities swim to these areas to relax the nodeshells back into freegel, render the "sucking" nodes harmless by crying out /msgs to the noders or, if necessary, rendering the nodes back into freegel.

But there are already so many areas of the gel distorted into convoluted pockets of "suckage" that I fear the effect of more. And I worry about the way that "getting to know you nodes" act as votesinks, disabling voting as a way for noders to contribute to the direction of the nodeflow. Ah. Perhaps this worrying is just an interpretation being given to the effects of preparing to be shunted to a new location. I am sure all will be well. The gel is good. The noders are good. I will not worry.

My cilia are slowing as I prepare to sleep. My god cookie is on a Toshiba notebook. I understand that there will be DSL when I awake. I look around one last time and retract my dorsal eye stalks.

Briefly surfaced. Brought up three of the dorsal eyestalks to look around. Fluttered cilia to send a few /msgs. On standby mode. Will return.
Ack. Timezoned. It is 10:47 p.m. instead of 6:47 a.m. and the server says its 21:35.