September 25, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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O dem bones, though your head is caught in the drawbridge of the "Castle of Pain" tonight and you cannot find your briefcase, still you know and see the expanse of the nodegel. Your minions swarm about the nodes being shaped from the gel and run their cilia over them, tasting for the right shape. Our editorial eyestalks blink in rhythms that send out /msgs to users: "Howdy hi! You wrote 'scnience' but meant 'science'. Have a nice day! Please node again!" The toxins from our dorsal projections delete the bad tasting nodes. Our multiple sets of mandibles gently cradle nodes to be carried to the comb of Page of Cool. The taste of trolls is clear. The nate has given us the power of communion with a single /tell. We are strong. The gel is good. The noders are good. All is well in the gelspace this morning.


I added a bit to knifegirl's documentation. Relaxed shells into freegel.


  • The Closer the Henhouse, the Fresher the Egg by sporter. By request.
  • By sabby, by request:
    • nothing that geeks like better
    • finish the links
  • Nodeless user optx.
  • Romulan by sabby.