September 24, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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O dem bones, the swelling of new nodes in the nodegel extends throughout the ten directions. From Catalonian recipes to obscure tirades for and against C++ to dreams and childhood memories to Pez dispensers, the gel holds and is shaped into these and more. Your fleet-tailed and many-eyed editorial gel-dwellers flick this way and that, reading, messaging typos to noders, cooling, cleaning, culling. The gel heaves and a new string of nodes are squeezed through New Writeups. There is rejoicing.

The Crypt dissolves:

  • Nodeless user accounts Slang and Gordo. Suggested by fugitive247.
  • incest by Wampum and Azathoth. Nov.13, 1999.
  • Nodeless user denial.
  • The Wicker Man by Copy_paster. necromancer is Copy paster. There were two identical copy and pasted wus, one under each name.
  • diffrence by rikard. Requested by AndieX.
  • By necromancer, by request:
    • Top 10 reasons compilers must be female
    • Top 10 Reasons Computers Must Be Male
    • Windows 95/98 - A OS or a Virus
  • female geek node with wus by Foobars, thefez (sorry, but linkless and unfunny), Anonymous Chode, necromancer.
  • Sephiroth entries by Alric, corum, RChicken, BadmanX. All of these entries refer to a character in a game, Final Fantasy. But none are complete, and refer primarily to each other.
  • By blaaf, by request:
    • The ABC of Anarchism Chapter 7
    • The ABC of Anarchism Chapter 22
  • throw a drowning man a rope by ferrouslepidoptera, by request.
  • misty by FuzzyDice, flymike, negative creep. Requested by dizzy.
  • Many many nodeshells have been relaxed into the gel.


    • narcolepticinsomniac suggested that fled user -Avatar- and his four writeups be nuked. I visited the homenode and looked around. Motto: "you have to be different to be l33t". In the bio space: "if your reading this you are lame. otherwise you are lame. either way you are lame. go away lamer." Hm. I checked the wus, nuked them all (including a response to one by TheLady and a puerile paeon to "horny teenage girls" by jedimaster). I then swam back and out and over and nuked the homenode from gelspace.
    • EU: NOD101 - Intro to Noding wu by owduhere. By request.
    • spottycat by RenArgente. Nov. 13, 1999.
    • The secret life of E2 revealed in mozilla droppings by Cid Highwind, by request.
    • mat catastrophe has purged himself of the following past sins:
    • wussies
    • Whose nose is it anyway?
    • The Absurd Hatred of Capitalism: 3
    • longer passwords
    • Now that I am Level 3
    • nodeshell recrew team
    • Who the hell is Hayden Christensen?
    • Looney Bin
    • invaginate
    • Feminist girls who are cool...
    mat castrophe has now been freed of these burdens. Pick up thy keyboard and node, brother.
  • Suggested by tregoweth: