September 23, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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Lo o dem bones, behold the frothing of new nodes within the nodegel. The editors and godgroup rub their pseudopods together in exclamation and joy. Our tiny thoraxes swell with pride and devotion. The noders are good. The nodegel is good. Foresaking giving birth to most of our own nodes, we swim through the gel to cull and cool and care for the nodes of the many. The nodes of the many outweigh the nodes of the few. Or the one. Behold our handiwork though we have no hands.

The Crypt renders into freegel:

  • hairdye by starchyk. At the suggestion of the noble whizkid.
  • The shell from the everyone trolling killed by the mighty and strong chinned wharfinger.
  • dogg by rudebwoy. Suggested by alex.tan. Nov. 13, 1999. Might have meant something to someone at some time. Not now.
A few title edits. Dissolved: