September 22, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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O dem bones, our editorial dorsal eyestalks vibrate in salutation to the new day. The nodegel is cleansed and reborn. Noders in Canada, Japan, the United States, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, France, in strange underground caverns, in satellites, space stations, and from within singularities all thrust forth new nodes. The new nodes float above the nodes of memory and then all tumble together in a joyous flurry of hard links and softlinks. See them file in an orderly line through New Writeups before taking off to swirl in the dance of the gel. Dance, nodes, dance!

Hm. I've just deleted a number of very nasty nodeshells and returned them to freegel.

Users have flung their own nodes into the Crypt:

  • lost me creative edge, and it's not in the closet! by MegaAaron. (I hope I got the number and position of "a"s right this time. But downvoting the log because I didn't once while reporting on what I did for you is not so cool, neh? After all, it takes me much more time to undo a bad node and then report on it than it takes you to node it.) By request.
  • Hydralisk by R3DM3CURY2. By request.
  • what do purple monkeys do at night? by different42 and Sylvar and even icicle. Requested by different42. The first wu was pointless. The followups without it are even more so. A strange night apparently, Mon. Aug. 21, 2000. This is the sword that gives life.
  • mayhem by Grrr. Nov. 13, 1999 linkless node. Abandoned at birth.
  • fucking!!! yes, they were FUCKING in the quiet peaceful serenity of the green bushes along the sidewalk! neighing and "yarp!"ing like wild animals, they were! obscene, I tell you! obscene! by wonko. By request. At -6 before it left New Writeups.
  • 'Epilepsy' by little lost star. By request.
  • Suggested by tregoweth:
    • User Temp1eton. A Templeton troll attempt.
    • metasyntactic variable by nine9.
    • Pentium by nine9.
    • TLA by setantae.
    • ethylsuphuric acid nodeshell.
    • Tool/A Perfect Circle nodeshell.
  • By blaaf, by request
    • Grand Old Party
    • steeping
    • shards of mirror
  • Suggested by blaaf:
Investigated pinky64's situation, deleted nodeshells and so on. Waiting for a msg. Many thanks to wharfinger and whizkid for their help. Dissolved into freegel: