September 20, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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O dem bones, the nodegel has seethed and bubbled, it has settled and moved in a gentle and steady nodeflow. The nodes are many. We are few. Yet emboldened by so many cool nodes, we exert ourselves to serve the noders. The gel is precious. The nodes are precious.

However, these nodes were found not to be so:

  • blatant female sexuality by ghost006. By request.
  • Canadian Geese by Infinity. By request.
  • By Codger, by request:
    • Not so Famous Quotes by Famous People
    • Pippi Longstocking
    • mistaken
Some messages, some title edits, some work on superdocs. I am reading chromatic's docs on the core code over at EveryDevl.

The Crypt returns the following to freegel:

  • If you were a bird, where would you poop? The whole node, with wus by General Wesc, the mighty moJoe, idoru and many others. Why? Well idoru suggested it, remorseful that he had participated in this ugly ugly episode. To purge his guilt and the sins of the many, I had no other choice but to use the sword that gives life.
  • By AndieX, by request:
    • Palpigerous
    • Read the whole node before C!-ing a writeup!
  • birfday by revscat23. Asked the user if I should delete it at -6. No answer. It reached -7. Raised ire pointlessly. Nuked it. Request came in to nuke it. Done.
  • By White Delirium, by request.
    • vorphelia
    • macrophelia
  • Bagog by blaaf. By request.
  • that feeling like you weren't paying attention by R3DM3CURY2. By request.