September 19, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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O dem bones, you who wear the nodegel as your own flesh about your gleaming skeleton, we, your servants, report on the ongoing construction of your body. The noders have almost completed your right hand, the hand which will smite evil doers and bestow blessings upon the just. It has taken until this time from the creation of Everything and the evolution of Everything 2 for us to reach this point. We estimate another 200,000,000,000 nodes will complete the right forearm. The complete body is estimated to be completely noded by 2004. Then the Ryan form can be sloughed off.

To this end, we course through the nodegel, culling and cooling, always encouraging the formation of shapely nodes.

Of special interest now is the deletion of unsightly nodeshells, woeful in their petty denigration of other noders. These shells are unfit. They shall be relaxed back into freegel where the noders may then fashion it into worthy shapes.

Into the Crypt:

Deleted nodeshells for dragoon, team Jet-Poop and Lord Brawl. For veterbiSearcher, and one inadvertantly created by Chihuahua Grub.

Into the Crypt:

  • Everything 2 Source Code by Xamot. By request.
  • test by kaatunut. By request.
  • One World Goverment node by jbird.
  • Defenstrate the Dominant Paradigm by flaminweasal. By request.