September 13, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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O dem bones. O, o, o. I have been crippled for the past while with system problems. However, having cleaned out registry errors and using several workarounds, I have time to tend the nodefields again. May my labours reflect the glories of thy august countenance. Even though it's September.

Users have flung the following into the Crypt:

  • sentence fragment by Rollo. By request.
  • saying the same thing by xtian. Suggested by StopTheViolins. Nov. 13, 1999.
  • Ellurium-115 by Rockwalrus and FirewalkR.
  • Marita Corriobus by panthers95 and FirewalkR.
  • Fled user FirewalkR.
  • All by fled E1 user panthers95. Suggested by sleeping wolf.
    • NateFiles
    • xfep1
    • xfep2
    • The Pilot
    • Deep Throat
    • Squeeze
    • Conduit
    • Jersey Devil
    • Ghost in the Machine
    • Ice1
    • Fallen Angel
    • Eve
    • syndicate
  • Kansas by stain.
  • Terry Goodkind by lazyr. By request.
I have finally finished with sleeping wolf's listing of pointless Nov. 13, 1999 by panthers95. Instead of doing my own listing, I'm just copying sleepin wolf's text from the E2 nuke request page:

by panthers95 and friends:

  • Nate Thames -- content: "Nate Thames is a cool person who's home node is at panthers95." I'm glad he told me he was cool, I don't think any of us would have guessed.
  • Eastminster Presbyterian -- A little bit about this fled noder's church and youth group, which fits largely into the well, duh category. I would tend to bet that catalyst's writeup is a flame.
  • Real Life -- the above-mentioned youth group. Going mountain biking is wonderful.
  • Nate Bike -- Personal content is good if it is capable of evoking a reaction.
  • NateBands -- a "metanode" for four band opinions by this fled user. One of which is mispelled.
  • (rather questionable) -- check out The Eels, the spelling error redirection node Novicane for the Soul, and compare with eels (band).
  • jroger -- a node telling us panthers95's IRC nick. Nodes like this help confuse those new to Everything.
  • #slashdot -- Good writeup except for one minor problem. It's not It's Fled single-writeup E1 user thresher's writeup is useless -- "News for Nerds. Stuff That Matters. :-)"
  • discuss -- Like many E1 definition writeups, this one gets squashed by Webster 1913.
  • #distributed -- Tells us that it's the IRC channel to discuss A bit fluffy.
  • Mistic -- A link-less sentence telling us the drink sucks -- and I thought the drink described was called Orbitz.
  • Hyper-Activity -- nearly identical to the correctly spelled writeup, hyperactivity.
  • Cocker Spaniel -- Linkless, tells us that they are small, hyperactive dogs that might bite. How many dogs does that describe? I know some noder out there can do far better!
  • flat -- A definition (Webster 1913 says it as well) and an indication that it describes Kansas.
  • topology -- Unfortunately, that's the definition of topography.
  • afraid -- Beaten by Webster 1913. This is as bad as a few of his other NFN definitions that lack links or any real use. I didn't add them because they have nothing better.
  • tetrahedron -- Linkless, & General Wesc has a superior writeup.
  • hygrometer -- Beaten by Webster 1913.
  • Needle Nose Pliers -- linkless and beaten by Accipiter's writeup

Which brings me to this. I have a msg from Shijef: "Just found a E1 user you might want to go through the nodelist of. lovepop32."

Perhaps some editor might want to do this. I'll delete the shells.

While I agree there is a great deal of dross from E1, I am not that interested in nuking material from this period or in fulfilling nuke requests for nodes written by someone other than the person making the request.

I am much more interested in helping current users with typos, title edits, and nuking accidents or ill-begotten nodes that seemed like a good idea until the first downvote of many began to slide in.

It is not that I will leave other kinds of requests to pile up for other kami. But I'm not that bloodthirsty so I'm probably not the right person to root through a fled user's nodepile to determine what should live and what shouldn't.

Now to some title edits.

And now:

  • Slow people by R3DM3CURY2. By request.
  • irrational-base number system by s_alanet. By request.
  • I will NOT star in your psychodrama by Nailbunny. After hir had already had a title edit done. By hir request.