September 12, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
memory | raw speculation

O dem bones, hear then what thou already knowest to the last digit of each node id, the comings and goings, the swelling and sinking of the tides of E2. Only thou knowest the lean of the current and wherefore art we bound.

At this point, the noders speak to me about 1/10th of the time. I sayeth unto them of the error amongst their letters, the drunken lemurs gambolling in the midst of their grammar. Sayest they, "Duuuude, Thanks, eh?" Sayest I, "In the name of bones, goest thou and node more. And yet better." Sayest they, "Whatever."

Hoping this sucketh not so much....

Now, into the starless void:

  • speech recognition by bis. By request.
  • What I think Editor Powers are by Dialogue.
  • Analingus by everyone. No.
  • undead by DaveQat. By request.
  • By wish23x, by request.
    • The write-up with the highest reputation
    • you have 1 writeups until level 3
    • 666-6666
  • How many licks does it take to get to the center of an Everythingian? by tregoweth. By request.
  • Homertonian by Tonyjohn and liliypad. Nov. 13, 1999. Suggested by tregoweth.
Nodeshells, nodeshells.

Speaking of which:

  • nodeshell and Nodeshells are beautiful by mistero. By request of dragoon and because nodeshells are unsightly nonsense.
Title changes.

Gone are:

  • censor by 7Ghent.
  • September 10, 2000 by hramyaegr. By request.
  • The Everything Anthology of British Poetry by iain]. Integrated into mblase's node.
  • A string of nodes reported by sleeping wolf: "Every node by Fnord Tzu. Apparently, said user had a problem with Snipe and would fill the second writeup on E1 with random bits, sometimes appropriate, sometimes not. That's apparently all he ever did -- act annoyed with snipe." So, by Fnord Tzu:
    • The Teacher Who Hated Homosexuality
    • eclectic junkies
    • The Phone Numbers List
    • Textured Hyperactivity
    • The Me I Hope To Become
    By Fnord Tzu and Snipe:
    • Philosophical lessons
    • Black Monday:r2
    • Hedonistic Lessons
    And, by Miragayle and Snipe:
    • Deal With It
Oh oh.

I cry out to gods: gamache has put in a nuke request for 100 nodes in a series called "No Exit". Ack. Shall we divide them up? This will take as much time as the series took. Please /msg me. Or do it on your own and leave me out of it. Heh.