October 9, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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Hear o dem bones these Tales From The Crypt.

Into The Crypt are delivered the following nodes and writeups.

They are consigned there by users who repent of their past sins of NFN and other pointless acts against the good of the nodegel. That they might attain node-fu, the users strive to attain perfection through this purification. May thy blessings be upon their brows.

Others are simply twisted and stunted accidently by innocent noders who, realizing that these nodes cannot live, offer them to the godusergroup entities to mercifully return to the gel.

Yet other nodes have been malformed willfully and maliciously. They are tumours in the body of the gel, darkening it with their dangling ganglia of suckage. These the editorusergroup entities fling into The Crypt.

There all are given the chance to lead new and meaningful lives when their freegel is gathered and moulded by other, kinder users.

The Crypt releases:

  • justin.warren, whose homenode is now ready for the next Mr. J. Warren.
  • fucking humungous by Dataknife, by request.
  • e-music by peh, by request.
  • By fricto, by request: