October 5, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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Whoa dem bones, I am very timezoned. It is 0 hour in server time, still October 4th here, who knows what time at home. O dem bones, this is a dialup connection. 56k but still very very slow. The nodegel seems to moving at a fraction of its usual speed. Everything seems coherent and self-consistent but choppy, like moving a hand and having an effect of the image tracking. I can see why some users feel that the GTKY nodes so dear to others are a problem in terms of loading.

I have not had much opportunity to do very much that was godly. I edited a title, released a few nodeshells into freegel, looked around.

However, there were many msgs pinned to the flat brow of my Chatterbox nodelet. I'll answer a few of them here.

Q. If E2 is really a strange realm composed of nodegel in which nodes, noders, editors and so on all exist without there being any outside world, why does it seem to be just a novelty website?
A. Of course, you're right. There is no nodegel!

Q. Why do some of the editors take on what seems to be a "gloating" and derisive tone in their logs?
A. Hm. Well, perhaps to compensate for the sheer mindless tedium of editing.

Q. Do you people get off on nuking nodes?
A. Whether nodes are deleted (or "nuked" by a god, without XP loss) or "killed" by an editor (with a -5 XP loss), there really is not much about that is fun. It might sound as if godusergroup and editorusergroup entities have a 3D accelerated version of E2 with little figures that run around with cannons mounted on their shoulders and blow up writeups and nodes for some kind of secret XP rating system.

Sadly, all we have are: Buttons. Lots of buttons.
So many that I have to use the "jukka dim theme" to see them all properly. That means I'm sitting here looking at a kind of washed out khaki coloured window.
For the most part, I simply fulfill deletion requests. Occasionally, I encounter a writeup that has been accidentally submitted twice and remove one. Now and then I find a number of old nodes by fled users that are linkless, pointless, and meaningless and so I delete them. This is like scraping dried chewing gum from under wooden seats. It's not much fun but keeps the place clean.
I suppose that there's a certain satisfaction to this. Well, of course there is actually. I and all of the other fine people that share these tasks with me do what we do because we care for E2.

Q. Why is there still no Autumnal Bones photograph? Really, my Summertime Bones poster is all torn and flyspecked.
A. Hm. As I've said, perhaps bones will direct Ryan to pose for a current portrait. But I can't really see the point. After all, he's now in the land of more or less endless summer. Even Wintertime Bones would probably be wearing shorts as well. So here's my suggestion: Just copy and paste the photograph, label it Autumnal Bones, print it off and hang it up. It will amount to the same thing.

Q. What is nodegel?
A. There is no nodegel!

Q. Do you guys ever co-ordinate what you're doing at all?
A. We are trying to find ways to communicate better and more frequently. I had lobbied nate and dem bones for a /tell all msging system. A few weeks later, there it was. And bones has created a superdoc where gods can post a msg about nodes they are thinking of deleting but are unsure about so that they can receive advice from others.

Q. Does one hand know what the other hand is doing?
A. Yes. The right hand is typing with the index finger. The left hand's thumb works the shift key.

Q. How can I get this stain out?
A. Try rubbing it with some baking soda and soda water with a toothbrush.

So that's it for most of the msgs.

I'm glad to have cleared up that nonsense about nodegel. It was just a joke. E2 really is just a novelty website and we are really just people trying our best.

hramyaegr, I see you're sprouting editorial cilia. So sorry. Or is that just a nodeshell stuck in one of my dorsal eyestalks?