October 2, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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O dem bones, Everything 2 narrowly escaped destruction at your skeletal hands yesterday. But in your mercy you deactivated the Disassembler, got some sleep instead, and soon the Chatterbox was no longer filled with the fearful cries of noders. The Rapture was averted. Do drop by more often.

Now, as this new day dawns in the always now of the nodegel, the gel's many currents and tides are flowing freely. There is copious freegel to be formed into shapely nodes to suit your purpose. The many eyes and hands of the noders are fashioning new nodes, reading and voting older nodes, and are happy and safe.

All is well.

With these gone, it is even better:

I've fixed a number of Broken Nodes, did some title edits, released nodeshells into freegel.

The Crypt accepts: