October 12, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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Hear o dem bones, I have just gotten home, am extremely timezoned, have logged in briefly to find this msg from you wedged between three of my dorsal eyestalks: "I just pray that Jesus watches over your heathenous soul as you take flight so near to His Heaven." Um. Thanks.

I have no idea what has transpired in the nodegel, so I will read from the gel weather ticker.

The freegel is at 22 degrees C and 78% humidity. There is a chance of nodeshells with the gel becoming cloudy until mid-afternoon. An editorial front is expected to sweep away the clouds leaving the gel a sparkling golden.

Congratulations and condolences to Fruan on his editorial cilia. His head is becoming smaller already.

The Crypt renders into freegel:

  • Ack. A huge steaming parsel of nodeshells left for me by the whizzy whizkid.