October 11, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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Hear o dem bones, the gentle fizzing of the nodegel. Its effervesence is like unto thine own beloved Mountain Dew.

See the nodes bobbling and swaying.

Hear the trolls being locked out, their writeups dissolved into freegel, then their homenodes imploding and then sliding into cascading ripples into the gel.

And their noders! Hear the happy noders! Ah, the children of the night. Listen to them sing.

The Crypt destabilizes:

  • unabashed by deep thought, by request. Node sumbitted twice.
      (Brawl: I was thinking of Bela Lugosi in the Universal Pictures version. One of the first movies in English that I saw. And Lugosi could not speak English but was just uttering phonetics transcribed for him. Heh.)