October 1, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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Hear o dem bones of this new day within the nodegel.

There are birthday greetings vibrating through the gel. This is the doing of jessicapierce and her Who to send presents to, and when. node.

Time is an interesting aspect of Everything 2. Writeups are timestamped. Some are stamped by their time, are dated moments after they leave New Writeups. From other nodes dangle a long tail of writeups, continuing to explore the issues presented from different perspectives.

Whenever a node is read, it is read now, in the fleeting, dimensionless sliding now of the user.

This is the pivot on which the life and death of nodes may turn. When godusergroup and editorusergroup entities encounter a node, they must ask themselves in that moment and ask of the eternal now of the gel if this is a node for the ages.

If not, it should be released as freegel to be shaped again. If so, it might even be carried to the Page of Cool though it has bobbed unseen in the gel for months.

A strange world.


/tell everyone To everyone who has been everyone to send me birthday greetings: thank you so very much all of you.