August 31, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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O dem bones, thou knowest what is in our hearts. Yet still, here be the skinny.

First off, as /msgedst I earlier, congratulations to thee and the most noble and fierce Uberfetus both on his "consecration" as an editor (or as they are known more and more throughout the land, a "protocol droid") and thy sage wisdom in the dispensing therof of said consecration unto the party of the second part, as forementioned named.

The day has has yet clicked over by server time and yet there have been many msgs of errant spellings and corrections thereof.

I began this new day by nuking (without XP loss):

  • Are the gospels reliable? by joeytsai. Why? A new node, freshly born into this vale of tears, but already at -9. "Twas merciful, thought I,
  • super-sexy lesbian by user disaster77. Both single wu and account nuked at suggestion of Shijef. Why? One word wu, user has fled the building.
Some title changes. One that didn't happen because it worked out anyway.

Time for an afternoon nap.

If I can help, msg me your nodewoes, my possums. I'll be back soon.

All right, more nuke requests:

  • Benjamin Sisko by nortonius; Everything Day Logs by Julz. Both suggested by Sudderth.
  • david thrussel by Ciab. As requested.
  • Scandanavian by Rollo. As requested.
  • Leather Goddesses of Phobos by Ant. As suggested by mblase.

I have msg'ed Nero about UH-60 Black Hawk regarding The Custodian's comments that it is a skim job.

I have just nuked three nodeshells left behind by Uberfetus's kills.

jeremy f has pointed out fled user zos's nodes as less than useful. I see that most are at 0, some -10. Thus, into the Crypt slide:

  • kellie is the 1 4 me 4 ever by zos and a reply by Tsetra
  • bands I dig by zos and a reply by Souperman
  • you are the 1 4 me by zos
  • kellie sawyer by zos
  • kellie is sexy by zos and by ufogirl
  • kellie is the most beautiful woman alive by zos
  • Anton Szandor LaVey by zos and by cantsin.
  • Kenneth Grant by zos.
  • Aleister Crowley by zos
  • All Hail Satan by zos.
  • And, finally, zos.

Archetype pointed out that Groundhog, who has been absent since May, could use some editing. Three linkless writeups:

  • spliff
  • Hoggish
  • bps (and also one by z80)
have all vanished into the Crypt. Groundhog's account has been deleted as well, so the username is up for use again.

Yet more title edits.